Practice Makes Perfect

American Defense and Security is a safety based approach to your personal and home safety through levels of training beginning with “situational awareness”.  Situational awareness helps you anticipate a threat, avoid if possible and ultimately defend against the threat in a trained response.  Awareness, avoidance and a trained defensive response are the keys to your personal and home safety.

We offer safety consulting and training for your security needs in the business place, home and church to help you form an integrated safety program for your employees, family and church congregation.  Advanced personal security courses will be offered for those who wish to enhance their personal skills to a higher level.  Individual consulting, group seminars, private lessons, group lessons, safety surveys to evaluate your needs, construct a comprehensive plan and train to the plan.

National Rifle Association Courses including:

  •      Refuse to be a Victim Seminars
  •      Basic handgun training
  •      Personal protection in the home
  •      Personal protection outside the home/concealed carry

Courses can be customized to the individual needs and changing concerns.

PERSONAL SECURITY IS ONE RESPONSIBILITY YOU CANNOT DELEGATE, but you can get a plan and training from American Defense and Security.