Colonel Bob Eikenberry, USMC retired has responded to the ever increasing uncertainty of our world and personal security issues by bringing together a “few good men”, Marines with varying skills and experience to form American Defense and Security LLC.

Chief Instructor Colonel Bob Eikenberry:

  • 1969 graduate of the US Naval Academy, BS in engineering
  • Designated Naval Aviator and Commercial Pilot with 8,000 hours
  • Graduate of Army Test Pilot School
  • Marine Aviation Tactics School, MCAS Yuma
  • Graduate of Naval Post Graduate School, Monterey Ca. Safety Course
  • Combat experience in Viet Nam, Grenada and Iraq.
  • Joint Task Force Six Aviation Coordinator with US Border Patrol, DEA, Customs El Paso
  • NRA Instructor
  • Competition shooter long range tactical and defensive pistol