Refuse to be a Victim:   Is a NRA course designed to enhance your personal safety by raising your awareness of your surroundings, teaching skills to cope with potentially dangerous situations and enhancing your ability to cope with dangerous situations.  The course is a seminar of 3 to 4 hours, with a student manual and interactive class discussion.   The course can be tailored to the work place, church or civic organization.

With increased awareness of potential threats a student often will elect to enhance their personal safety with additional training.  Options for additional training will be offered including follow up NRA courses, private instruction in personal defense, personal defense with firearms and/or improvised weapons and home defense audits to build a comprehensive defense plan.

Basics of Pistol Shooting Phase I:  This is an online course offered by the NRA to orient the new pistol shooter as well as the experienced shooter to the NRA concept of marksmanship and safety.  Firearms have evolved and changed and this is an opportunity for everyone to learn the basics and many others to update their shooting knowledge so all are on the same plane before going to the range.  As a Marine for thirty years, competitor over many years, I found this a great first step to get everyone using the same safety standards and range procedures. Navigate to – sign up and begin.  Cost $60. This course is a prerequisite for Phase II.

Basics of Pistol Shooting Phase II:  Now that everyone is on the same page for basics and range procedures, and you may have noticed that they changed in the last twenty years, we are ready for phase II.  This is a classroom implementation of Phase I as we actually handle the firearms, loading, unloading, stance and grip.  Then on to aiming and shooting dry fire practice before we hit the range for the second half of the day.  Like all NRA classes this is a goal oriented class.  That is to say we have goals that will be achieved, but not all will do that at the same rate due to experience levels or even comfort levels.  Experienced shooters will be able to demonstrate proper technique and safety procedures and shoot the course quickly.  A beginning shooter will not catch up with the experienced shooter, but will make a quantum leap of progress and become a competent student for further practice and training.

Personal Protection in the Home:  My favorite course because it is safety based in concept.  Starting with the goal to be achieved, your families safety and discussing the options you can employ to first not be an attractive target, second have early warning of a threat, and finally how to go into a coordinated defense of the home and family including the use of deadly force.  Education, Prevention, Coordinated Defensive Action to make a comprehensive plan.  Includes a segment of Firearms and the Law taught by an attorney or certified law enforcement official. This is the introduction to defensive shooting techniques and tactics.  This course is usually set up for a day and a half to accommodate the classroom  work and integrate our range time without exhausting students and instructors with the volume of material.

Personal Protection Outside the Home.  A two day course for those who have completed Personal Protection in the Home or have become comfortable with firearms for sport and or personal protection on a daily basis.   Covering firearm selection for carry, equipment options, accessing a firearm from concealment and lots of range practice.  Scenario training in the classroom then on the range to cover daily scenarios at work, school and public forums

All classes in defense and firearm training are done in small classes or even individual training to maximize the individual student’s progress and participation.

Our 120 acre outdoor site allows us to have an open schedule and complete privacy on the range.  The schedule, noise, lead dust and confinement of indoor shooting is not an issue here.  We can concentrate on the learning task at hand and enjoy nature too.